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Pro Friction Services successfully completed the DIO Runway Friction Testing contracts for 2022, 2023 and 2024

At Pro Friction Services,  we pride ourselves on our flexibility and responsiveness to our clients’ needs and offer a bespoke service to meet their requirements. We are uniquely positioned to be able to offer both military and civilian runway friction assessments, along with helideck friction testing, whilst offering the use of Mu-Meter, GripTester, and Helideck Micro GT CFMEs.

Our detailed technical reports enable airfield and helideck operators invaluable insight into the friction status of the surface tested, with detailed contour maps showing pinpoint locations of areas that may exhibit lower friction values along with specific numerical values to be compared against the relevant standards.

Why Friction Test your Runway?

With millions of aircraft taking-off and touching-down at airports around the world every day, it is important to know that your runway is up to the job and won’t be the cause of an incident due to poor friction. For all runways, good rideability and knowledge of friction characteristics are paramount for safety and effective maintenance cost planning.

Those of us involved in the offshore industry know more than most about the importance of safe working and risk management. With this in mind, regular helideck friction testing gives offshore installation operators the assurance needed to remove helideck landing nets. Helideck landing nets present a hazard to personnel in the form of slips, trips and falls, as well as to helicopters through shock-effects sustained on the wheels during landing.

Why Friction Test your Helideck ?

Why Choose Us

Years of experience of conducting successful friction classifications on runways and helidecks

Detailed and in depth technical reports

Can certify your runway or helideck to the required standards

Operates in a global market for Helideck friction testing

Support to the UK military and civilian customers

Operates three different state of the art CAA approved Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment devices

Suitably qualified and experienced engineers

Dedicated project managers and trials engineers

Personalised service

Access to the UK’s only specially constructed water ingestion test runway

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