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Pro Friction Services Ltd provides aviation friction assessments on all surfaces.

The Assessment of Runway and Helideck Surface Friction is regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority as set out in CAP 683 and CAP 437 to evaluate the friction levels. These vitally important legislations aim to define whether surfaces are safe to be used.

Similarly, the Military Aviation Authority regulate the maintenance and safeguarding of military runways as set out in MAA RA 3590.

Airport operators are responsible for ensuring that the standards are met and that the users are assured.

Pro Friction Services Ltd has taken over the friction testing sector of Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd and are specialised in the friction testing of all surfaces used within the aviation industry with vast experience of friction testing on military and civilian runways, as well as helidecks.

Robust procedures are in place, for the analysis of the data , recording findings, and providing in-depth technical reports to establish the friction classifications of runways and helidecks to enable the continued peace of mind for the safe taking off and landing of all aircraft.

Our detailed technical reports enable the operators invaluable insight into the friction status of the surface tested, with detailed contour maps showing pinpoint locations of areas that may exhibit lower friction values along with specific numerical values to be compared against the relevant standards.

Our reports include any relevant recommendations for the improvement of friction values and help support in the operators planning and implementation of processes which may be required to maintain or improve the surface for the future use.

With millions of flights landing and taking off annually, it is imperative to have friction assessments conducted regularly so any risks can be highlighted and prevent potential incidents.

Wherever you are in the world, Pro Friction Services Ltd can be your partner in ensuring that your runway or helideck surface is safe, meets the required standards, and is ready for use for many years to come, we look forward to working with you.




Justin obtained a BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering with Sustainability from Brunel University London.

Justin previously worked for Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd where he managed the friction testing sector of the business until taking over the division and forming Pro Friction Services Ltd in 2021.

Justin is the primary contact for all enquiries and is responsible for all client liaisons including providing initial quotations, organisation of trials, conducting friction surveys, analysing data, and the writing of technical reports.

Justin has personally project managed and conducted numerous friction surveys in both the UK and overseas and is Petans UK certificated for offshore working.

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